Siam Park

Location:- Tenerife Island, Spain

Siam Park has been on number 1 position on TripAdvisor website since past few years, and it deserve it as the visitors never got disappointed from this water park. This water park holds 7 world records and a large number of awesome and attractive rides which made this water park on the top wish list of any travel geek. Since the opening of this Park in 2008, it has been very popular.

This water park is based on Thai theme. There are 25 buildings inside the park which is the largest collection of Thai-themed buildings outside Thailand. In order to keep respect of the Thai Royal family, the Royal Palace, Temples and statues of Buddha was not copied in the construction of the park.


World Records:-

  1. The Statue of the world’s largest dragon
  2. The world’s largest building outside Asia
  3. The world’s first green waterpark
  4. Traveller’s choice Award Winner
  5. The world’s largest man-made wave (about 11 feet high waves)
  6. Highest diversity in slides
  7. Increased elevation in the Lazy River


  1. Volcano: – it’s a four person ProSlide Behemoth Bowl with a laser inside which produces a flashing image of a dragon.
  2. The Dragon: – a ProSlide Tornado with a light show inside the 20-meter wide tunnel.
  3. Naga Racer: – a six-lane racing slide.
  4. Mai Thai River: – The world’s longest Lazy river, which also has the highest elevation of any lazy river.
  5. Jungle Snakes:- four twisting slides which follow the Park’s terrain.
  6. Lost City:- a children’s play structure with about 120 games.
  7. Tower of Power:- a vertical, transparent slide which sends riders through an area with sharks and stingrays.
  8. The Giant:- Twin ProSlide Cannon Bowls, one moving clockwise and one moving counter clockwise.
  9. Wave Palace:- its waves are highest of any wave pool in the world.
  10. Kinnaree:- a new four-person 200 meter long ProSlide.

You don’t know swimming? Don’t worry this park is designed for everyone to enjoy the rides for non-swimmers, olds or young ones. You will also discover the sea-lions from Loro Parque and the Koi Crap swimming beneath the wooden walkways as the Lazy river flows gently by.

If you just want to relax with your family and the loved ones, just visit the restaurants and bars where you can enjoy your favourite drinks and have snacks or even meal. Thai themed floating market also a centre of attraction for the magical kingdom of Siam Park.